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Call Me*

(audio version of blog below)

If you are recording your outgoing message for your company, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Are you comfortable with your voice? How is your tone of voice? Would your voice fall into a certain category of voicemail “styles”?

Your voicemail messages represent your company. The outgoing message is often the first point of contact for your clients and customers – an opportunity to create a professional branding image!

If you, or an employee, are recording the company message, here are some basic voice presentation reminders for your outgoing message:

Be happy – Put a smile on your face. It will put a smile in your voice.

Be patient – Take your time. Fast talking is so common. Callers need to hear what you are saying!

Be articulate – If you over-enunciate, it will actually sound better to the caller.

An alternative to recording your own message:

Voicemail is a very small portion of my business and my income. The fee to record it can be very low. N.B. Take advantage of this!

No matter your voicemail system, whether it requires a specific audio file type or for you to “dial in”, having a professional voice answer your phone adds to your overall professionalism. A professional voice leaves your callers with the positive impression that you care about your business.

CLICK TO HEAR>>Call Me“* – a 1980 song by American Rock Band, Blondie.