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While reading through a copy of “The Phone Book” by The Phone Lady, Mary Jane Copps, we are reminded that the clear repetition of your phone number in a voice message is important to communicate effectively. Reading about the repetition of phone numbers reminded me of when NOT to provide your phone number. That’s, when NOT to provide your phone number…

When’s the last time YOU wrote down a phone number when listening to the radio (or watching TV for that matter)? Dare I say, RARELY? If you are a retail advertiser, a business owner wanting to promote your business, DO NOT put your phone number in your commercial. That’s, DO NOT put your phone number in your commercial!

Reading a Commercial voice-over script with a phone number in it adds A LOT of words to the copy…words that would be better used to describe your product OR space you can use to slow down the script.

For example, eight six seven five three oh nine could be replaced with – “find us on Main Street this Saturday” or “our widget has won an award for best widget this year”. Or, don’t add in any extra copy and allow the script to breeaaaathe.

CLICK TO HEAR>>867-5309“* – a 1982 song written by Alex Call and Jim Keller