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If you are a human on the planet earth, you can benefit from eLearning. If you are a business in the global marketplace, or a shop on the corner, there is an even greater potential here! Stay with me…

From corporate presentations to pre-school education, what can be taught, can be delivered through some version of eLearning. Aside from the fact that I’ve managed to find everything from how to roll sushi to how to pronounce French words on YouTube, the potential for eLearning beyond YouTube can benefit all people and all businesses.

A blog article from Edge Studio, NYC experts in all things voice over, intrigued me by their post “How many types of eLearning are there?” as it offers an exhaustive list of possibilities. Edge Studio explains how vast eLearning is and what it can encompass. Product “explainers”, training videos, traditional education, and more… Every business generally requires presentations, marketing videos, training, etc. (and all require a voice, by the way!)

But, here is the HUGE windfall of eLearning for anyone and everyone: “How-To” Videos. Teaching others how you’ve become successful, even moderately, has enormous potential! “Experts” in any field offering e-books, webinars, and all kinds of eLearning, can teach others how to find similar success. It opens you up to the world, reaching far beyond your usual biz. For example, a Motivational Coach will sell their “how to” success to other coaches, a Voice Over talent will sell their “how to” success to other talent.

If you run a radio station, maybe you can offer “how to run a radio station” and sell your ebook or presentation to millions all over the world? A pizza shop could sell, “how a pizza shop figured out social media and made more money than they ever dreamed possible”. I know if I owned a pizza shop, I’d be curious! (That and how to control myself around panzerotti . The combination of pizza and deep fried goodness is intoxicating.)

Seems funny that instead of “coaching”, “voicing”, “running a station”, or “selling pizza” you might make more money teaching others how to do just that; but turns out, this is BIG business.

If you’ve got something to teach, there are others interested in e-learning! Now go forth and educate!

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