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3d render of can phone on the keyboard. Communication concept

For all the communication technology we possess, why is it we still have difficulty getting our message across?

For business and for life, here’s some help with a round-up of 10 relevant posts:


  1. Are you communicating in your “business voice”?
  2. Are you undermining your point?
  3. How to say it right the first time
  4. Is it professional to give out your phone number?
  5. Making a speech requires more
  6. Telling your story to sell yourself
  7. Ten Top Tips for Talking
  8. Top Tip for Talking: Self-Awareness
  9. What is the truth about your urgent deadline?
  10. What is your most genuine, confident voice?

Please share, that is, if you know someone could use help with communicating! 😉