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VOICE MESSAGES: A Documentary About the Unsung Power and Beauty of the Human Voice

“… many of us are unaware of how important our voices can be in our personal relationships and work lives. Does voice play a role in whom we choose as a mate? Do we form opinions of others based on the sound of their voices? Do we sound like our parents? And how many different voices/tones do we possess for the myriad of situations we face in our daily lives?”

Martin Zied, Producer, Director, Writer of “Voice Messages

Voice Messages is currently looking for funding. Its message resonates with me and is one I am pleased to share. The Voice Messages Indiegogo Video

The Power of the Voice

As a voice actor, the study of voice tone and quality is my job. As a singer and music lover, the depth of a voice is my passion. And, as a psychology enthusiast, I can always hear more than what is being said with the volume, pace, and idiosyncrasies of someone’s communication style.

(Communicating clearly is a practical skill. Here are several posts on the subject.)

Like the creator of this film, I too have always been aware of the power of the human voice. Whether the tone of a singer’s voice or of a stranger speaking, so much can be heard, beyond the words, from the timbre and tone. As someone who is highly sensitive in many regards, the qualities of a voice tells me SO much about a person. From fear and anxiety to the healing tones of a gifted voice, we share so much with our voice, both in speaking and in singing.


There are vocalists who resonate with us for different reasons. For me, the sound of Karen Carpenter’s voice is remarkable… Adele, Nat King Cole, James Taylor, speak to me in a way that runs deeper than the melody and the lyrics. Their sounds are comforting to me, like homemade mac and cheese or a good glass of full-bodied, red wine.


From a purely verbal perspective, we are losing out in communication when we stop using the phone as a means for conversation. I’ve mentioned my mentor, Mary Jane Copps, often, but what fascinates me so much is the meeting point of our businesses, the power of the voice. As The Phone Lady, Mary Jane understands how much is lost in text and email communication, for it is the sound of the voice that elicits so much more information within a voice to voice conversation.

And with first impressions, and how we present ourselves, comes the added element of the sound of our voice. Can we change our voice to better represent ourselves? Yes and no. While we are born with a vocal imprint, breath, timing, and physicality can take our voices from hysterical to grounded, with practice.

The trailer for Voice Messages Documentary Coming Soon HD

The videos I’ve shared above are about 4 minutes… If you take the time to see either of them, do watch the Hathaway’s section at approx. 1:48 and at 2:40 on both videos… THIS is what I am talking about. It’s that resonant, soul churning sound of the Hathaway’s voices, both Donny and his daughter, Lalah, that inspire me to bring the message of the connection of the human voice to others’ conscience awareness and therefore, this documentary project, in need of funding, to you.

Beyond verbal communication, the voice and all its nuances deepens all communication and the full expression of who we are. I am fascinated by all that is elicited by the voice and this documentary explains this phenomenon from every angle…

“So, I’ve decided to explore the human voice in ways that have never been seen or heard together in the same place! Be prepared to be entertained, informed, amazed and taken to places you’ve probably never been before! It’s all the many sounds of Voice Messages!”

Martin Zied, Producer, Director, Writer