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Stand Tall*

(audio version of blog below)

Whether for a speech or consistently better communication skills, good posture and breathing technique top my list for improving your personal presentation.  Here are my six points from my post, “All the Way” for your reference:

  1. Posture and breathing
  2. Volume and projection
  3. Mental attitude, focus, and intention
  4. Physical gestures
  5. Script pacing, conversational and natural tones
  6. Imagery, word emphasis, and “throw away” phrases

Looking at #1 today, leaving breathing for another post (figuratively!)…

Turns out, good posture isn’t just great for vocal delivery. As a Yoga Teacher, I’ve learned much about posture and what is best for keeping ourselves in best health. Yes, posture does affect your health. (Think back, neck, and even knee pain, among others!)

For the purposes of speaking in your best, most natural, clear and confident voice, BOTH sitting and standing, here we go…

  1. Feet flat on floor – heels and balls of feet with equal weight, wiggle your toes to release grip
  2. Lower shoulders – find the most relaxed place for those things that carry the world
  3. Neutralize back
    1. Adjust pelvic girdle – are you rolling too far forward or back? Experiment and find a neutral place.
    2. Bring middle-back to center – aligning it as best you can with upper and lower spine.
    3. Align ribs – Lift collarbone slightly, find a neutral place for your ribs – they are not to protrude, nor sink, but align with the core of your body.
  4. Activate abs to gently hold your posture

Review all the steps until you find your best place and check in regularly!

CLICK TO HEAR SONG>>*”Stand Tall” – a 1976 single by Canadian Singer-Songwriter, Burton Cummings.