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On Tuesday, May 31st, 2016, I had the honor of attending the 2016 Action Enterpreneurship Canadian Summit and the accompanying award ceremony in Toronto for my mentor, Mary Jane Copps, who won the 2016 BDC Mentorship Award from Futurpreneur Canada. As her mentee, I was afforded the luxury of being there in person. I needed to keep tight-lipped about it up to the very last second. I can finally share…

Mary Jane has worked tirelessly for decades as a mentor to young people as a “Big Sister”, a volunteer, and a mentor to entrepreneurs of all kinds. I’m delighted she is finally receiving the recognition she deserves for her service to so many people. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have the business I have, if it weren’t for her support.

Who is my mentor?


Mary Jane Copps is an entrepreneur in her own right, as The Phone Lady, and owner of the Telephone Talent Corporation.  In tribute to her, here is more about her:…

“An accomplished author, speaker and facilitator, Mary Jane Copps aims to improve communication at all levels. Her illustrious career found her on the end of the telephone as a manager, a journalist, a salesperson, a researcher and a fundraiser where she sharpened her customer service phone etiquette and interview skills.

“Mary Jane has spent 27 years analyzing the psychology of a phone call, information she now shares with entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, corporations and government departments in her mission to improve telephone interactions between businesses and clients (and vice versa!). The Phone Lady also helps her clients deal with their phone phobia and get them on track to becoming effective communicators who turn every phone call they make into lasting business relationships.”

(from thephonelady.com)

Why have a mentor?

Mary Jane’s guidance with marketing strategy has helped me focus on what I should invest in given my personal time constraints. This allows me to have a very focused, and effective marketing plan. Her assistance with time management helped me figure out what I can let go of and what is crucial in terms of systems and administration. Her suggestion of implementing social media and blog writing, with specific choices, has helped me focus on best areas for growth for the long term. She provided me with a wealth of ideas for pending decisions. But more importantly, she helped me nurture the awareness I needed to make my own decisions.

Here are some more reasons why anyone should be a mentor (through Futurpreneur) and why to have one at all, compliments of futurepreneur.ca:

Entrepreneur Mentor
Gain valuable business advice Contribute to the economic development of your community
Learn from the experience of a seasoned professional Raise your personal profile across Canada through Futurpreneur Canada’s entrepreneurial network
Enhance your business network Attend Futurpreneur Canada’s sponsored networking events to meet other successful business mentors
Gain confidence from having someone in your corner Gain the personal satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference while building your advisory skills

Where to find a mentor?

You can find a mentor in the many vast areas of your life and, of course, through futurepreneur.ca if you are a young Canadian.

Having a mentor is not always a straight line. While you could approach a successful stranger to be your mentor, simply being aware and gracious with those who support you can turn into a lifelong mentor relationship. We can learn from people of all walks of life. We simply need to be open to allowing ourselves to hear the wisdom.