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closeup of chromed retro recording studio microphones

It’s officially halfway through the year and I’m on the precipice of nice big changes for my business. Once July hits, I’ll have a new studio space, new website, new monthly newsletter, after already having checked MANY other items of my list. Ten years in voiceovers, having worked steadily IN my business, but not ON my business,… it’s time.


My planned list for upping my game this year included the following:

  • Voice coaching – I spent January and February learning from voiceover coach, Marc Cashman, helping to perfect my voiceover skills.
  • Studio space upgrade – I purchased the coveted StudioBricks booth and had it put together for a trial run. Because I knew I’d be moving into a new space, I disassembled in preparation for the move. Putting it together initially will now make it easier to assemble from now on. I also purchased some new (compact) furniture for the studio and various accessories. Photos to come!
  • Computer and recording component transition – I’ve bought an Audient iD14 and will wait to install when my new studio is up and running. Thinking about buying a Microsoft Surface, but holding off for the new space.
  • Microphone change-out – I purchased a Shure SM7B and will also be looking into a new condenser mic once I have the surroundings prepped.
  • Headshot redo – Done and already implemented here. Awesome experience with @SchlickArt. Will show up on blog and newsletter soon!
  • Website revamp – I’ve been working with Digital Centrics for a month+ and am super excited to reveal it soon!

What else I’ve been doing to take my business to another level:

  • EXTRA COACHING – I’ve had several coaching sessions with various experts
  • NEWSLETTER – I’m working with Daley Progress to streamline my email process and send a newsletter once a month, instead of an emailed blog every one or two weeks.
  • REAL ESTATE VIDEO DEMO & FACEBOOK ADSIf you haven’t seen it already, here is my real estate demo. I tested the waters with fb ads and it did very well.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL CONFERENCEAction Entrepreneurship 2016 by Futurpreneur
  • UPCOMING RETREATThe Yoga of Voice at Omega Center in Rhinebeck, NY.
  • POSSIBLE CONFERENCEFaffCon 8 – “the voiceover un-conference” (currently on the waiting list for this one, but I have high hopes)

Progress. I love it!!


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“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”

William Pollard