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The current lifestyle of a voice-over professional is one of isolation. While this can work really well for some of us who love to work independently, it also implies being at a disadvantage when it comes to communication…that is, communicating with our colleagues and clients. Further, I pride myself on brevity. I know my clients appreciate the simplicity that comes with hiring me – sending a script, often with no direction or message, and having the work turned around quickly, no questions asked.

As a result, this modus operandi means I don’t know very much about my clients or the specifics of their day-to-day jobs. Thus, the topic of this blog: a definition of “urgency”.

A voice-over emergency is not uncommon. It makes me smile a little, at the absurdity of it, but I believe we’re all wearing a collective smile knowing there are situations that are much more urgent than our work going to air. Still, deadlines abound in the broadcasting and entertainment industries, and of course, in so many other businesses.

My version of urgent is immediately, drop everything, needed it yesterday.

In YOUR job, what is meant by urgent? Within ten minutes? Within the hour? End of business day? Please educate me on your pace! I am supremely curious.

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