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Radio Ga Ga

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I don’t trust people who speak with a “Radio Voice”. It’s another sign that there’s a wall up, a barrier to the real person. At one point, I worked with a new hire at a radio station. Every time this young guy spoke, he spoke at a volume too loud for the intimate surroundings of the management floor, in a real showy style. I recall questioning (perhaps inappropriately) his need to speak so loudly. His response was that it was his RADIO VOICE. (echo, echo, echo)

I told him to “can it”. (…hopefully in the most kind and compassionate way.)

A renowned blogger and voice talent wrote about authenticity in life and voice-overs this week. I found it no coincidence to also have the idea rolling around in my head for some time.

Getting real with our voices is a challenge. I find it a surprising challenge daily, given the work I do. Speaking too softly or mumbling is just as much a crime as taking up too much space with your voice, at least in MY judgemental books. And, while I can only speak for myself (no pun intended), I wonder, do you react to people’s voices? Does it add to your first impression of them?

While I believe our voices evolve with age, finding and using a confident voice is beneficial at any age and stage. What is meant by using our best, truest, or real voice? It means communicating effectively and representing ourselves honestly.

How do we know what our real voices are?

First, we acknowledge all the different voices that emanate from us. There really are so many, depending on our moods or the people we are with… but, what is our true voice? ..the one we could, should, would use in a job interview or meeting new people…or sharing our story or speaking up for ourselves in a non-confrontational way…

Perhaps recall the voice you would use when surrounded by those with whom you feel most comfortable…you’re sharing a meal with a few friends…a supportive environment of those who you KNOW have your back. What would your voice sound like then? Are you “yourself”? If not, what images would you conjure up to be in a situation where you can be at ease?

It is our fear that is keeping us from revealing ourselves in any given moment.

In what situations, if any, do you KNOW you are using your most honest, confident, authentic voice? I’d like to know.

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*CLICK TO HEAR SONG>> “Radio Ga Ga” by Queen.