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I love to inspire and to be inspired! Here is a collection of 14 of my own inspirational, voice-over business, blog posts for an uplifting, productive day…

find your voice concept

  1. Are you enough?
  2. Expert advice, the f-bomb, and a VO breakthrough
  3. Home is in our heart
  4. I Have Confidence! (or do I?)
  5. Is it possible to be a Professional Voice-over Mom?
  6. Know Thyself – as a voice and in the world
  7. Marketing 101 – a life of service
  8. Small changes make a big impact
  9. The spirit of the entrepreneur
  10. Time is a level playing field.
  11. Time. Is it worth your investment?
  12. Top Tip for Talking: Self-Awareness.
  13. Use what you have. Start where you are.
  14. What’s YOUR intention

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