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Time in a Bottle*

I am going to touch on something so precious to me that I could write an epic book about it. It is something that we all share equally – not one person on this planet is given more than another and yet it is a resource so valuable that it truly is priceless.

It is…time.

I’ve always had a sense of the value of my time and understood that where we invest it demonstrates our priorities. It can be eye-opening to share one’s priorities, do the math as to where we actually spend our time, and realize what has taken over as priority, given the time invested.

This is one reason why I LOVE TO OWN MY OWN BUSINESS. My investment of time is consciously thought out, for the most part. And while I do fall victim to the vacuum that is the internet, I am very careful with balancing my time with my business, family, and other priorities. With young kids home from school in the early afternoon, I need to juggle my business and my family, without neglecting either.

I often ask myself if I am: Nourishing myself with those things that support my wellbeing; Participating in activities that will develop my career and financial growth; Investing in a quality relationship with my associates, my friends and family, myself…

Turns out, acknowledging where we spend our time can be very intimate. I don’t dare ask where you spend your time, nor will I reveal the details of my own investments (not today anyway). However, I do believe that where we are spending our time is certainly worth contemplation and self-study.

What I deem as important to do with time may not be yours. I do gently encourage you to check in and ask, “Is this worth my precious time?”

Money and power have indeed forever been the indicators for success. However, time well spent…is everything.

CLICK TO HEAR *“Time in a Bottle” written by Jim Croce