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Something Good*

On July 1st, 2014, what will happen as a result of the upcoming Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation?

Linda Daley, at Daley Progress, has turned me onto the imminent legislation. She’s gathered many educational resources and written about the implications. To be honest, I haven’t researched it in depth, because I find legalese overwhelming and intimidating, but what I do know is that things are about to change with email marketing. As someone who delivers a weekly blog by email, this new legislation has been of interest. I’m happy to know that I won’t be admonished for sending my eNewletter to all the precious email addresses I have amassed over the past 15 years. Indeed, emailing someone “spam” will be against the law, unless an address has been given by consent. (Of course, I dare say my blog isn’t spam, but well-thought out, quality musings on small business, the voice-over biz, and life!)

The ins and outs are many. While I don’t profess to know all the answers, I am forecasting that a few things will evolve as a result. Here are my predictions:

  • Blogs, and other information, will be shared more prevalently through social media, as opposed to through email. Not a revolutionary prediction, but as an entrepreneur, the focus on sharing effectively through social networks will be even more vital in communicating our businesses.
  • LinkedIn will strengthen in power as more people will find a benefit in making business contacts through that channel. (I am proud to announce that I have now been given permission to publish on LinkedIn! (All posts here!) You may be able to as well, as they roll out publishing permission through the year. (Check it out here!)
  • A “good ol’ fashioned” phone call will prevail as an efficient, professional method of networking and doing business. No one can arrest you from making a cold call. A dear, dear friend of mine can attest to the power of picking up the phone for business growth. Her successful business, The Phone Lady, is based on that premise!

As to whether or not we’ll continue to receive spam, or we’ll be charging those who assault us with their offensive products through way of our Junk mail, remains to be seen. Evolution and progress is a beautiful thing! Something good always comes of everything…

(By the way, you are welcome to sign up consensually for my blog through this blog site, my website, or by simply sending me an email. If you have been receiving my weekly blog through the iContact newsletter, you’re already signed up, and can “opt-out” at any time, but “Hey! I dig your blog” by email is always appreciated!)

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