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A Change Would Do You Good*

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EVERYTHING WE DO contributes to creating the life we are in…

…choices we make, and those that are made when don’t make the choice, contribute to creating our lives. We can choose to be happy or choose to be unhappy.

Yes, many things are not in our control, but how we respond is our choice and determines where and how we will land on the other side.

I’ve made a lot of BIG changes to move to different countries in the name of creating the life I want… sometimes taking a step or two back, and THAT’s OKAY…all in the name of learning. But, there is A LOT to be said about making LITTLE changes, too.

The food you eat or don’t eat, the sleep you got or didn’t get, the exercise you did or didn’t do, the friends you choose or didn’t choose, the relationships you invested in or didn’t invest in, the call you made or didn’t make…ALL contributing factors to your current reality.

Several people in my life are not getting enough sleep. They are exhausted and flirting with illness. Going to bed earlier is a struggle because it is not their habit. Yet, striving daily for an earlier bedtime is a small action, choice, that (almost) everyone can do to yield great results, quickly.

The choice to move to the L.A. area requires my husband to commute into one of the biggest cities in the world. The commute could have been a deal breaker. It certainly affects quality of life. However, leaving at 5:30am, commuting with a colleague he enjoys, and therefore, also using the carpool lane, makes what could be a miserable two hours a day, quite pleasurable. A small decision – a happier life.

Entrepreneurs are a perfect example of those people taking their life in their own hands, making the conscious choice to create a life they want. Whether working for yourself, or someone else, provides an opportunity to create a daily existence that is most pleasing.

What choices are you making – or not making by not making any choice – that affect your life at the moment? If you were to look at the smallest details, I believe there are MANY opportunities for change.

Is there a small step you can take that will have a remarkably positive impact on your life or your business, creating the life you want? What choice did you make today towards happiness?

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