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Let’s talk about freelancing! Not for the faint of heart, a freelance career is LOADED with benefits. Voice Acting and owning a Voiceover Business is the ultimate freelance life.

My favo(u)rite company on the planet right now is Freshbooks, an accounting and invoice software company that is blazing a trail of incredible customer service. They put together the infographic below about the life of a freelancer and I thought it apropos to everything I do. I’ve added my commentary on their points relating to the field of voiceovers.

Before you Embark – not sure about their list of must-have’s, but the grab bag of voice talent must-have’s: a GREAT microphone, a quiet recording space, a strong immune system, a sense of humo(u)r, confidence, a load of patience, and the ability to check email on a tropical island.

Client Star Field – Finding voiceover clients starts with focusing on your unique target market. Who would you best serve?

Land of the Peaks & Pits – With consistent effort, and the unsinkable belief that you are in the right business, the peaks and pits become gentle waves.

Isolation Zone – Ha! Ya…Both a benefit and a liability,…well, it’s a lifestyle! I agree with the infograph regarding the need to participate in your industry!

Time-Waster’s Black Hole – I can honestly say, I’ve never really fallen in deep. But beware, mono-focus required!

Gray Area – …that space between work and home…a serious issue if you have a problem with “time-waster’s black hole”, but an awesome learning curve full of benefits.

Planet You – Great to focus on, both personally and professionally, and even better to find balance here.

Accounting Alley – a necessary part of being a freelancer and I’ve never had better customer service than with Freshbooks. (No, I’m not a paid spokesperson. But that would be really cool!)

Corporate Temptress – You’re either an entrepreneur or you’re not. Being tempted by the lure of a Corporation has never been a problem for me, but I can understand the need for the alleged security.

Retirement Neverland – As a voice talent, I don’t intend to ever retire, unless I’m unable to keep up with technology or health. As a freelancer, we live a life that allows for joy and flexibility before, or instead of, retirement!


FreshBooks Freelancers Guide To The Galaxy