She Works Hard for the Money*

(audio version of blog below)

My husband was teasing me recently about a client I was working for…chortling about the company I keep, so to speak. Medication for crusty elbows to loans from questionable banks and even non-narcotic herbs, I’ve written and recorded a lot of material that I wouldn’t necessarily buy into myself. As “the queen of retail voiceovers”, as I lightly call myself, there is only one script I have ever turned away, uncomfortable about selling the product.

It comes down to a question of integrity. Integrity – I do love that word because, despite human mistakes I have made along the way, I always earnestly carry the intention of integrity.

“Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.” Miyamoto Mushashi

Very rarely do I consider my reputation when recording material. My name is never associated with my voice overs and, unless I somehow become famous, it never will be. In my case, only my friends recognize my voice in one particular market. I’m as good as anonymous 99% of the time. My professional reputation behind the scenes, however, is much more important, which means completing a job reliably, efficiently, and effectively, no matter what the product.

So, what will I not do? Steroids. Literally and otherwise… Some things just aren’t worth the money.

Anything you’ve done that makes you look back and laugh…?

CLICK TO HEAR SONG>>*”She Works Hard for the Money” – a 1983 song by Donna Summer. (Watching this on YouTube certainly takes me back to what looks like a VERY long time ago! Yet again, another opportunity to take myself lightly…)