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Rockin’ Robin*

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Like many, I originally dragged my feet about joining Facebook and then, up until Easter of this year, dragged my feet about joining Twitter. Life is SO full already, adding more things to do seemed like a frivolous luxury.  However, if the “things” are helpful to us, in life and/or in business, then by all means, why not?!

No one can deny that as a tool to be in touch with friends all over the world, Facebook has proven to be outstanding.  As a tool to share my business, my enthusiasm for marketing and entrepreneurship, social issues, and anything I deem worthwhile, Twitter allows for this amazing, ironically personal, immediate connection. Perhaps, if Facebook was a house party, Twitter would be a glittery, business networking event…that is, if your tweets are more than just personal…

As a fledgling tweeter, or “Twirp” as Anita Hovey of twirp communications calls us, I am taking a risk in extolling the virtues of Twitter. While still a beginner, and working at using it more effectively, I’ve noticed that most of my contacts and clients, are not yet tweeting.

Twitter seemed complicated and unnecessary to me, until I jumped on the bandwagon. I LOVE it!! For business, it allows my message to reach far beyond my circles. And, it broadcasts well beyond the hopes of television and radio, reaching those people who are actually interested in the topic at hand.

For me, the pleasure and advantage of Twitter is sharing my interests in a way that creates a community feel.  Whether to my spiritual side or my business life, I can share things I’ve read, ideas, inspiration, or other people’s wisdom to the Twitterverse.  Those who respond are those who are truly interested in what I am putting out there. So, whether I’m sharing my voice talents, my affinity for entrepreneurship, or my interest in yoga and meditation, I am interacting with others who share my passions. (By the way, @NatashaVOX and @YogaWisdomPath are my Twitter handles. Feel free to find and follow!)

Wiser words from Adam Wexler, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Insightpool“Twitter possesses a different kind of advantage, and it’s known as the interest graph. Whether it is your favorite brand, your favorite team or your favorite celebrity, Twitter allows you to keep up with what you find most interesting. Although your interests may change with time, it’s simple to follow or unfollow the accounts. There’s a reason Twitter refers to itself as an information network as opposed to a social network, and I firmly believe the platform’s sustainability is a catalyst behind that self-assessment.”

Further, a remarkable yoga teacher, Sandra Sammartino, in her 70’s, embraces the conveniences of the internet and social media because of how it reaches people and brings the world together. Through her example, my eyes opened to what an AMAZING tool we have at our command to connect us with each other. As I’ve watched Sandra expertly promote her recent book, Yoga Fiction, Yoga Truth, I am convinced of the greater good that can be achieved by the infectiousness of posts rather than all the negative reasons for avoiding social media.

For every blog, I find a song title that matches my theme or intent. I can’t help, but think of this song for a Twitter themed blog and as I contemplated other blogs for this week, this song was stuck in my head. I always add a link to the song title for your listening enjoyment. Go ahead, treat yourself… or shall I say “tweet” yourself!

CLICK TO HEAR SONG>>*”Rockin’ Robin” by Leon Rene – a 1972 hit by Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5