Knowing Me, Knowing You*

Learning more about my Self is my ultimate goal in my process of evolution and enlightenment.  Knowing thy self, in the voice-over business, is as important as anywhere else.  I attribute much of my success in my business to just that: knowing who I am as a voice-talent and therefore, where I fit in.

Fortunately for this business, voice-over work is available in so many directions! Indeed television, radio, and documentary films are where one traditionally might find voice-overs.  However, voicemail has been around for a few decades now, and business narration is absolutely exploding…not to mention overhead voices, tour voices, video games, audio books.  SO many directions!!

But, every voice is not meant for every job, nor is every person and personality.  When I began my business, I figured out very quickly where my niche was, given my needs and abilities.  As I gained more experience, I figured out even more about my voice style and was therefore able to audition for suitable jobs, market myself appropriately, and look deeper for jobs that would fit me.

Further, knowing myself helps me face competition.  With 1000’s of other working voices out there, competition is daunting. What saves me from serious self-doubt is knowing what I am good at and remaining realistic about what I am not. 

Mature, modern Mom seems to be what I am called upon for most.  Oh, and for voice-overs, too.

*song by Abba