I Can’t Live, if Living is Without You*

Sounding cold-free/allergy-free is pretty much vital as a voice-over actor.  And, there are three things that I can’t live without when it comes to my vocal health.  As it turns out more importantly, there are three things that I need to live without…

My three no-no’s used to be controversial, but lately it seems there are a lot of people on the band wagon. While I have a weakness for them, they make me weak in body and mind.  In no particular order, they are (decadent) dairy, (wicked) wheat, and (astonishing) sugar.  Without those three elements in my life, I am strong and healthy. Anyone can find information on the “cons” of all three of these foods.  I won’t profess to know all the answers, but I know I feel like a million bucks when I’m on the wagon.

My three must haves?  One is obvious, perhaps the others are not…

#1 – Sleep – There is nothing that ruins my voice more than lack of sleep.  At best, I sound like a late night DJ, at worst, I sound like I might be undergoing electric shock therapy. I am short of breath, have a jagged, wavering tone, and my ability to process the words from script to brain to mouth just doesn’t happen very well.

#2 – Fresh Ginger – In my humble opinion, fresh ginger is an extremely healing, super-food.  Though I don’t see it on many lists, it is a proven anti-microbial. I’m no doctor, but I … stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.  Just kidding.  Some freshly grated ginger in a smoothie or boiled into a tea is my secret weapon.

#3 – Ricola Lozenges – If I am ever sick, which thankfully hasn’t happened in a long time thanks to fresh ginger, I cannot live without my sugar-free Ricola lozenges. Sugar-free is important to me, as a lozenge with sugar seems to defeat the purpose, actually making me cough.

My final bonus, “can’t live without”?  No surprise…I can’t live without just a little bit of dark chocolate…MY vitamin C…a little every day!

*lyric by Harry Nilsson