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I Don’t Know Enough About You*

One of the benefits of working in the voice-over business is learning about other businesses as a result of reading their scripts. For eLearning clients, for example, I have read material as diverse as how to build hydraulic hoses to how to collect bodily fluids for micro-biology purposes. This is fascinating stuff! Really, it is! I am always pleased to learn about different company offerings far and wide.

One of my clients, eBrandz, is a company that constantly presents me with interesting topics. eBrandz, a Search Marketing company in India and purportedly the largest SEO company in the world, provides me with a web address for which I write a short script. Then, after script approval, I record the voice-over which is used to create a promotional video. eBrandz creates videos to work synergistically with each company’s marketing program.

What is most fascinating is writing scripts for companies that I may not necessarily know about. Vitamins to “vapes”, I’ve learned a little bit about A LOT of things…from health and beauty, to automotive and IT, but much, MUCH more!

Forget to buy souvenirs while on vacation? Forgotmysouvenirs.com! How about a helicopter tour of Manhattan? NewYorkHelicopter.com. Shoes, bags, or sophisticated jewelry? Backstreetshoes.com, Fasthandbags.com, and Povada.com. Green products? A cheap cigar? Maybe vitamins while traveling Australia? A Dentist in Wisconsin? I’ve got hundreds more…including beautiful Indian tunics…Eastessence.com! (Each link includes my voice and my copywriting for your listening pleasure.)

And as an added benefit to learning about diverse businesses around the world, I have the pleasure of working with a company based in exotic India, the appealing challenge of pronouncing words from other cultures (hear East Essence link!) and the opportunity to strengthen my writing skills as a result of writing for such a broad selection of companies.

So, thank you, eBrandz, for being one of my favourite reasons for having my own business! And, a special thanks to Automated Learning and CopanUSA for teaching me about hydraulic hoses and nasal swabs!

CLICK TO LISTEN>>*“I Don’t Know Enough About You” by Diana Krall