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I Will Remember You*

I’m so glad it’s over! For the first time in decades, I recently had an on-camera commercial audition.  You would think, since I have VOICED thousands of commercials that it would be a walk in the park.  More like a trudge up one side of the mountain and a very fast descent!

There are so many scenarios that could throw one for a loop in an audition.  For me, it’s usually about “messing” up the words, out of nervousness.

So, I memorized the very short script for days in preparation.  I must have said the four short sentences 200 times!

The feedback from the first run through at the audition was, “Can you make it sound less rehearsed?”  Ha!

But, despite all efforts to remember the words, I still said, “…my dear homo office” instead of “my dear home office.”  Leave it to me!  Thankfully, I was not mortified like I was in Grade 5, in front of hundreds of laughing kids, while I said “pee, pee, pee…” trying to spit out the word, “people”.

This time, I let go of my flub and moved on…speedily down the other side of the mountain.  Not to say that it was all downhill.  Whether or not I pulled off a remarkable audition, depends what they might consider remarkable. The casting agent might like me and the client might not, or the agent might not have been impressed, but the client might be. Time will tell.  But, one thing is for sure … I’m wondering if the agent is saying, “I will remember you” for all the right reasons.

*song by Sarah McLachlan