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To work within the structure of a plan allows me the freedom to live in the moment.

I’m a planner. I have been fascinated by, and perhaps obsessed with, time management forever. On that note, I have planned out my blogs for the year already! Gasp! What?!? Yes.

But, knowing me, I will absolutely stray from my list. It’s why I’ve rarely picked out my clothes the night before or made a strict meal plan…I like to choose what I’ll wear, eat, or otherwise, when I arrive to that moment. Hypocritical, perhaps…but, to work within the structure of a plan allows me the freedom to live in the moment.

So, as a preface to the year, I’m providing a list of what is (possibly) to come…a path to guide me as I take another thousand steps.

Most of my readers are politely quiet about my blogs, reading but not commenting. However, I would love to hear what does, and especially what does not, resonate with you to substantiate my direction. Further, if you’d like to contribute to my blog this year, I’m open to submissions, especially on the subjects below!

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Paul J. Meyer

  1. Blog Plan for the year
  2. Finding balance
  3. Voiceover ideas for small business owners
  4. What is a VO Pro
  5. Ideas for realtors – how can we work together?
  6. Creating the life you want
  7. Headshots/Profile photos, Image, & Brand
  8. Headshots & Impressions
  9. How to present a script
  10. Finding your voice
  11. What goes into recording a script?
  12. How to edit a voice over script (cut down on words/shorten a script)
  13. How to prepare to record your voice
  14. Phone skills – using the voice
  15. The variety in my business, in my day, in my clients
  16. My relationships with clients & advertisers – respectful boundaries
  17. Revisions – standard operating procedures
  18. The physical aspects of working with your voice
  19. Sell Style – soft, medium, hard sells
  20. Making a great impression
  21. Getting started in the voiceover business
  22. What will you receive from hiring a voice talent?
  23. What are my brand’s values? What is its voice?
  24. What other services do voice talent provide?
  25. Words – challenging ones, interesting ones
  26. Energy Level, Pace, & Timing
  27. How to save time when working with talent
  28. Tone & Musicality (Prosody)
  29. Stay healthy, Sound healthy
  30. Voice Quality
  31. Body Language in Voiceovers
  32. Seem happy by email
  33. How to be more efficient
  34. Customer Service
  35. Doing the Math – figuring out what makes sense, where to focus
  36. Goal setting – Planning
  37. Our Body & the voice
  38. Asked to do a speech? This is what you need to know
  39. What makes a great voiceover or a great voiceover talent
  40. Food & the voice
  41. Being Direct
  42. Voicemail – how to leave a message, recording, what to say
  43. How to hire, how to pay
  44. VO Book Reviews
  45. Keeping in touch
  46. Emotions & the voice
  47. Changing gears – focus & multi-tasking
  48. Alcohol & the Voice
  49. ROUND-UPs of popular blogs
  50. Examples of work – interesting, unique

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Anatole France